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What’s in a Name?



NameStormers provides you with the opportunity you deserve!

We develop creative, perfect-fit names for Brands, Businesses, Organizations, Products, Services, and Race Horses (it's true)

Our clients say:
"You triumphed where other agencies had failed us. The process is simple, fast and yields wonderful results." --Director, Trademark & Development. Merck & Co.

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NameStormers-testimonial Preliminary Trademark Screenings

NameStormers-testimonialCustomer Validation Studies

NameStormers-testimonialGlobal Linguistic Screenings

NameStormers-testimonial Logo Creation

NameStormers-testimonial Naming Architecture

NameStormers-testimonial Name Testing Research


NameStormers-ICONS-BrainstormingIn less than one week, we present an initial round of names and taglines.

NameStormers-ICONS-Review2We vet every name we present you through a preliminary trademark and dot-com screening.

NameStormers-ICONS-ConsumerTestingWe help you assess potential ROI in light of your customer validation study and name testing metrics.

Memorable, original names

We’ve partnered with Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, and nonprofits, to create memorable, original names that dovetail perfectly with our clients’ unique brand identities and business aspirations.


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